18k Peace Necklace

Aurum Speak Jewelry


What started as a logo designed by Gerald Holtom for nuclear disarmament has become a symbol of the anti-war counterculture that cultivated in the United States and the United Kingdom.

It has since then died out and disappeared into antiquity—a relic of retro hippies. But the question demands to be asked: Has this symbol lost relevance?

Is the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty working? Has the Korean peninsula achieved peace? Why is the Middle East still a tragic child of its chaotic past? The world is one giant quagmire balancing on the fragile lines of perplexing diplomacy.

So, to answer that question, it is still relevant.

Aurum Potestas Est. Gold is power. And just like how we use power to speak of peace. We hope that people in power strive for peace.