18k Gold Grains of Life Ring

18k Gold Grains of Life Ring

Aurum Speak Jewelry


A central theme in literature is the narrative of a guardian. A guardian with purpose and sacrifice for it.

It is the parent who works three jobs to give his or her child a bright future.

It is the fallen soldier who gave up his or her life for the country's freedom. 

It is Prometheus who gave humanity fire in exchange for a life in chains, vulnerable to vultures.

But nothing is a stronger testament than a seed, whose only purpose is to ensure the continuity of life. Seeds are thrown out, trampled on, and tested against unforgiving environments. But they survive, and they bring life.

Just like a seed, you have a purpose. That purpose could be anything: Better the lives of others; Deepen humanity's pool of knowledge; Or simply bring happiness to this world. But in your pursuit of that goal, the world will try to hurt you.

Wear this ring as inspiration. That no matter how badly hit you are, you will persevere. And you will bring life.

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