18k Gold Triangular Prism Bracelet

18k Gold Triangular Prism Bracelet

Aurum Speak Jewelry


Prisms have been a point of intrigue in modern symbology. What was once a geometrically significant object has become a cultural icon.

The symbol's most popular, and probably first, emergence was when Pink Floyd released The Dark Side of the Moon. Designed by Storm Thorgerson, the prism depicts a spectrum of light that breaks out into a myriad of colors.

In a time when formulaic album art dictated a generic shot of models superimposed with text,  The Dark Side of the Moon was avant-garde—it questioned societal norms and pushed its limits.

Decades later, the National Security Agency ran project PRISM, a surveillance program, that sought to collect stored internet communication. It encroached on personal privacy and left almost every connected individual on earth exposed to Big Brother. It was unknown for 6 years until Edward Snowden leaked its existence.

The symbol was once again thrown into the limelight. This time on an ethical debate of government control and rebellion.

Until today, the prism's meaning is still unclear. On one end, it represents an individual breaking out, showing his or her true colors, to push our notions of what is acceptable. But governments use it too to crack down and limit our personal freedom.

Aurum Speak is captivated by the irony of this symbol and thought that the irony makes it beautiful. Thus, Aurum Speak is proud to present this Triangular Prism Necklace.

Product Dimensions

Triangular Prism Pendant Length 25 cm
Available Chain Length 14 cm, 15cm, 16cm, 17 cm