18k Gold Bracelet with Revolving Squares (+3 24k Gold Squares included)

Aurum Speak Jewelry


In Freud's psychoanalytic theory, dreaming is subconscious's way of speaking to our conscious selves. But the messages they send are buried under cryptographic symbologies that demand thought to interpret. That's because the language they speak in isn't objectively formed. In fact, interpretations will always be controversial because they're surmised through the arbitrary lens of culture.

Thankfully, most cultural experiences are universal—such that of gold and bracelets.

Dreaming of gold suggests that you have discovered something about yourself that is precious; An inestimable trait that is sincere and humble.

But when you dream of the bracelet, your subconscious speaks of intense feelings of desire, excitement, and stimulation. It also suggests that you need to renew a forgotten relationship.

Combining these two ideas brings us to self-discovery. That you're in the continuous process of coming to terms with yourself as a step to pushing forward.

This bracelet will serve as a reminder to that. That your personality is a chain of beauty, and once in a while, you will find pure gold in yourself.

Each gold bead as the dimensions of 4 x 4 x 4 mm. It is linked together by two 18k gold chains.