18k Gold Abstract Triangle Ring

Aurum Speak Jewelry


Triangles have always been a symbolic shape in most of our world's consciousness.

For example, Celtic culture features the triskelion and the triquetra. The Greeks use the triangle as a delta symbol and saw it as a doorway. Modern science adopted that delta to symbolize change. But when the triangle is directed downwards, it represents the sexual nature of women and everything divine connected to the goddesses. This is one of the oldest symbols of the divine power of the female.

We believe this represents far more though. The triangle is a geometrically beautiful shape, as such, besides the divinity of women, it also represents their intelligence.

The beauty of this jewelry may not be obvious to most, but those who understand it, its beauty will be unmatched.

This ring has a width of 5mm and has a thickness of 3mm.

Product Dimensions

Width 5 mm
Thickness 3 mm

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