24k Gold Brooch (With 18k Gold Pin)

Aurum Speak Jewelry


On his nightclub tour of the United States, Eddie Fisher opened every evening with the song Arrivederci Roma.

In 1962, Eddie Fisher's then wife, Elizabeth Taylor, was in Rome filming Cleopatra—one of the most indulgent movies ever made. She worked with Richard Burton, who played Cleopatra's lover, Mark Anthony. But the romance carried on off-film when the Cleopatra co-stars fell for each other.

Fisher was well-aware of his wife's affair but was determined to keep her. So on her 30th birthday, he sent her a diamond flower brooch—the crème de la crème of what the world could offer. It was his final effort to salvage their relationship.

But he never got her back.

It was clear that Taylor had fallen for Burton, and soon after the gift, she ended it with her husband.

Devastated. Fisher asked for the brooch back but Taylor answered, "No, I'm paying for it myself because I can stay without you but I can't stay without it."

The diamond flower brooch failed. And since then, he had no reason to stay in Rome. Arrivederci, Roma.

Flowers are beautiful, but they grow only to die—without making it through the years. They're transient—not permanent. And presenting them as gifts to save relationships is futile.

But branches are permanent. As the seasons go by, branches don't wilt and fall to the ground. They stay. And they brave through the weather. And they harden. And they grow.

Aurum Speak believes in the strength of a tree branch as a symbol of love. Because love should be patient. Love should be kind. And love should always persevere.

Product Dimensions

 Length 7.5 cm