Bond NATO Straps (Set of 2)
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Bond NATO Straps (Set of 2)


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Worn by James Bond on a Submariner in Goldfinger, and a Seamaster in Spectre these two straps have made their mark in Haute Horlogerie.

But don't buy these straps if you want to look like James Bond. You are not James Bond, nor will you ever be.

People chase after the values that others made. They steal an artifact of horology at a hefty price and struggle to preserve its looks. Keeping watches in their original form is the most inhumane travesty anyone can lay on their timepieces. Timepieces are bought to be worn, to be reinvented, to be a part of your identity.

Get these straps for a different watch. Slap a Reverso on it to free it from the delicate leather straps that hold it back from its true sporting origin—or a Patrimony because of your audacity that other Vacheron wearers don't. Or let it whiteness of Nomos celebrate against the backdrop of classic stripes.

Or don't do any of that. But do get these straps for a watch that hasn't seen these straps. It is yours to reinvent it.

These straps are 20mm wide and 280mm long. They're easy to clean, store, and replace. Self-expression should not come with the inconvenience.