Brown Leather NATO Strap
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Brown Leather NATO Strap


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A Spartan statement in the world of horology. Unadorned with the fragile texture of crocodile skin and simple enough as a powerful statement, this strap can hold any watch down to stand its ground. And as time passes, the smooth crisp leather will bleed with creases—a mark of elegance that the nouveau riche can't buy.

Almost like a Patek, where you're merely its caretaker for the next generation, but not quite. I mean, really, leather does not last forever. But with the proper care, this strap will grow with you, age with you, and be one with your wrist.

Before deciding to list this strap, we here at SourceBeacon actually wore it for a while. We've worn it through hot weather, through the barrage of what a morning commute is, but it has only gotten better. 

This leather is padded on both sides, sewn on the edges, and polished with a beautiful finish. It is 20 mm wide and 280 mm long and fits on everyone's wrist.