Essentials NATO Straps (Set of 2)
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Essentials NATO Straps (Set of 2)


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The NATO strap was originally used in by the British Ministry of Defense. They were used because of its durability and practicality. Unlike leather straps that wear off in the battlefield, you can take a NATO strap through hell and still have it in one piece. And unlike metal bracelets, which breaks at its weakest link, the NATO strap will keep your watch safe even when one lug snaps off. It is a fashion form with an incredibly pragmatic origin.

The Essentials NATO Strap set provides you with two options: The Liberty strap for the daring days, when you feel bold and expressive, and The Basic Black strap for everything basic. Both straps go well with almost any timepiece. Trust us, we've tried it.

I have been a NATO strap wearer for the past few years, and I don't regret making the switch. These straps have brought new life to my timepieces, all with the benefit of being easy to clean and its durability.

The straps listed are 20mm wide by 280 mm long, easy to clean, and easy to swap. Don't let the mundane impracticalities of other straps get in the way of your inner horophile. Get these straps to get more from your watch.